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Emergency and Utility Services in Jharkhand


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Emergency and Utility Services in Jharkhand

Any government functions through its various departments which work for the welfare of people. Efficiency of the government can be gauged from how each department is functioning, whether their services are reaching the people at the grass root level, whether they are technologically updated and how far have they been successful in giving common people a life of liberty, security, promptness and transparency in work. The utilities section covers some of the most important services rendered by the government which include electricity supply, urban development, telecom, postal services, water and sanitation.

Essential services in Jharkhand
    The government of Jharkhand is striving hard to steer this state towards infrastructural development, investment by small and big industries, education, e-governance and employment opportunities for one and all. The government is keen for sustainable development along with industrialization and has also taken steps to keep intact the age old traditions and cultural exuberance of the tribals in the state. The villages are equipped with telephone services, post offices and electricity too is gradually reaching far flung areas.

    Electricity Supply in Jharkhand

    The generation of electricity in India includes thermal power, hydro power and nuclear power along with other renewable sources of energy such as solar power, wind power, biomass power, geothermal energy and even tidal wave energy. For instance the coal reserves in Jharkhand can be used for generation of power. Entry 38 in List III of VII Schedule of Constitution of India enlists electricity. The Electricity Act,2003 covers fundamental issues concerning, generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The Union Minister for Power is Piyush Goyal. Chief Minister of Jharkhand Shri Raghubar Das holds the Power portfolio in Jharkhand state. There is plan to set up 4,000 MW plant in Husseinabad of Deoghar district. Another Power Project is being set up by Reliance in Tilaiya in Koderma district. RGGVY (Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yogna) was launched in 2005 and has seen about 1 lakh villages getting free electricity connections in Jharkhand. R-APDRP (Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme) was launched by Jharkhand State Electricity Board (JSEB) in 2008 for improvement in overall system, strengthen regular distribution and establish IT (Information Technology) based consumer service centres. JSEB was constituted in 2001 to take up electrification work in Jharkhand. Today, electricity bills can be checked and paid online.

    Electricity Supply in Jharkhand
    Power Transmission in Jharkhand

    Jharkhand Energy Policy, 2012 aims to provide electricity to almost all households by 2014 and also protect consumers' interests and encourage eco-friendly generation units. Section 5 of the Electricity Act, 2003 enumerates the role of Panchayats for distribution of power in villages and collection of revenue.The 'Bachat Lamp Yojna' by government proposes connection of at least 2 CFL bulbs of 14W. Where grid connectivity is absent, non-conventional energy resources like Solar Power Plants or Biomass co-generation has been proposed. Government has special proposals for distribution of electricity for agriculture and industry. Today, hope for electricity rests with renewable energy or green energy options like small hydro power projects, biomass projects (utilisation of animal waste/agricultural residue) etc. The government is also working to bring down line losses in Transmission and distribution(T&D), cease energy thefts, encourage private investment , use Information technology in departments and realise customer satisfaction.

    Jharkhand Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC)

    It goes without saying that life literally stops in the absence of electricity nowadays. Electricity is a must to operate various household products. It is an ardent need for homes to maintain the standard living standard. Being crucial utility service there is proper arrangement for electricity supply in Jharkhand. Jharkhand Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC) was formed to regulate electricity needs in the entire state. It is governed through a board to regulate electricity needs of the state under the state administration. JERC looks into the affairs of appropriate electricity generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in the whole state for commercial purposes. As an enterprise governed by the state of Jharkhand, JERC not only monitors power generation but also distributes electrical power in state. Patratu Thermal Power Station has capacity of 840 MW. It has been undergoing further improvement over the period to cater to the increased electricity needs. Likewise, the Subernrekha Hydel Power Station in Sikidiri has capacity of 130 MW (2x65 MW) Hydel power plant which supports the state’s power needs.

    2nd Floor, Rajendra Jawan Bhawan-cum-Sainik Bazar
    Main Road, Ranchi-834001
    Phone: +91 0651-2330921, 0651-2330924 (FAX)
    Email: chairman@jserc.org; info@jserc.org
    Website: www.jserc.org

    Jharkhand State Electricity Board (JSEB)

    Jharkhand State Electricity Board (JSEB) was set up to cater to the state electricity supply needs. It was on 16 March 2001 that activities of this Board were defined in the context of needs for commercial and individual requirements. First chairman and board members were appointed thereafter to ensure JSEB could run successfully as an important regulatory body to plan and explore the electricity needs of the state. The new board therefore became functional on 22 March 2001 under the guidance of Ministry of Power of the Government of India. JSEB was carved out of the existing Bihar State Electricity Board (BSEB) with an arrangement that all those officers and employees working in the territorial jurisdiction of Jharkhand and its residents could be the part of JSEB. Biggest of this board’s initiatives is the boost up of thermal generation power station at Patratu with an aim to renovate it according to the needs of present state. The Swarnrekha Hydel Project was other generating station at Sikidiri developed to fulfill the needs of the state’s electricity.

    JSEB has taken keen interest in developing distribution infrastructure since its formation. Such steps are meant to promote industrialism in the state. In a period of one decade this board took firm steps to generate 200MW electricity by 2008 from mere 80MW in the year 2000. By now the state requires 800MW which is made possible through commissioning many new Power substations and Grid stations to fulfill such crucial needs. State’s two key units of 65 MW each in Swaranrekha Hydel Project, Sikidri generate electricity to meet the demands.

    Jharkhand State Electricity Board (JSEB)
    Main Road, Ranchi-834001
    Website: https://jbvnl.co.in/

    Water Supply in Jharkhand

    Water Supply in JharkhandOne of the major needs of any state is to provide adequate water supply to its citizens. Jharkhand state has its own Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation (DDWS) to monitor drinking water needs of masses. It is a regulatory body to look at the water related issues and needs of all kinds. DDWS ascertains the access to safe drinking water & sanitation facilities in both urban and rural areas of the state. The state has launched various programs in this regard to fulfill its water supply related needs. Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme (ARWSP) and Swajaldhara and Total Sanitation Campaign have proved successful on the state level to benefit the rural and semi urban areas with key focus and urban areas in general.

    With reorganization of Ranchi Urban Water Supply Scheme and its completion in state capital, water and sanitary related issues have almost resolved. Similarly, the state took an initiative to improve Dhanbad Water Supply Scheme and commission it for maximum benefit of inhabitants. Several such efforts have come into limelight that ascertain that state has worked firmly to provide best avenues to its inhabitants to get their water and sanitation related issues resolved.

    Water Resources Department monitors and manages all types of state’s water resources needs. The key purpose is to maintain sustainability in the sector so that maximum number of masses is given facility for safe drinking water and sanitary options. This department therefore remains one of the most important department in the state in the capacity of a Public Works Department to serve the masses for their basic needs. By now this department has remained involved in engaging and monitoring various roles in the water resources. The Water Resources Department looks at the construction and maintenance of numerous major, medium and minor irrigation schemes for the masses. Rest services in which this department has taken keen interest include flood protection; ground water conservation or reclamation besides monitoring the industrial water sector to bring prosperity in the state.

    Water Resources Department also takes keen interest in protecting the state and inter-state water sharing issues from rivers and basins. Interlinking different rivers has remained one of the major areas of this department in the state of Jharkhand.

    Department of Drinking Water & Sanitation
    Water Tower Campus, Doranda, Ranchi.
    Phone Number : 0651-2480166
    Fax : 0651-2481593
    Email: swsm.jharkhand@gmail.com
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    Urban Local Bodies in Jharkhand

    The ULBs (Urban Local Bodies) in India belong to three major categories (after 74th Amendment)
    Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam): It is required for large urban area. It deals with State Government directly. It also enjoys more fiscal autonomy and functions.
    Municipalities (Nagar Palika): It is required for smaller urban area.
    City Council (Nagar Panchayat):It is required for areas in transition from rural to urban.

    Urban development in JharkhandA Municipal Corporation is formed to reach out to common people and provide them with all the essential services. Today, e-governance in Municipal Corporations has resulted in online registrations of birth or death, online applications for water connection and approval of building maps etc.Ranchi Municipal Corporation has plans for sweeping and cleaning of drains in Ranchi, construction of proper roads, continuous supply of water, provision of parks/playgrounds/bus stands for people (as enumerated in Section 63A of R.M.C. Act,2001). Dhanbad Municipal Corporation looks after the ''coal capital of India'' which houses around 112 coal mines and many other small and big industries.

    The question as to should Jamshedpur have a Municipal Corporation is an old one. Tata Steel Company in this ''steel city'' has been rendering Social Corporate Responsibility very religiously. Today, the employees of the company enjoy comfortable homes, hospital services and green parks and playgrounds. There are provisions to impart skills and educations to different people and camps are organised for health check-ups and awareness for prevention of AIDS. The Company has revamped Ranchi railway station and also got Mango bridge constructed. Tata's Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company Limited (JUSCO) provides 24-hour drinking water, uninterrupted power supply, roads, green parks and stadiums for sports activities and national and international matches.

    In all other cities, the Municipal Corporation has an important role to play as far as taking care of public health, public safety, infrastructure and general welfare of the people is concerned.

    Ranchi Municipal Corporation
    Kutchery, Ranchi - 834001
    Phone No. : 0651-2211215
    Fax : 0651-2211777
    Email: support@ranchimunicipal.com
    Website: www.ranchimunicipal.com

    Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company (Jusco)
    Sakchi Boulevard Road
    Northern Town, Bistupur
    Jamshedpur 831 001, India
    Phone: +91 (657) 6646 000
    Email: rajesh.rajan@tatasteel.com / contact.jusco@tatasteel.com

    Urban Development in Jharkhand

    Urban Development Department of Jharkhand aims to provide all types of civic amenities in the urban areas. It gives complete support to the urban localities in coordination with local bodies so that benefits could reached amongst all. From taking interest in the planned development of cities, it also safeguard interests of society’s weaker sections by providing genuine solutions for civic amenities. It looks at numerous infrastructure facilities and essential services and implements them through working with the local agencies including departments of Water Supply, Sewage Disposal & Sanitation, Transportation, Solid Waste Management, Urban Poverty Alleviation and other municipal services to complete tasks. A few notable roles of the Urban Development Department of Jharkhand are mentioned below:-
    • Create urban infrastructure through increasing substantial investments
    • Strengthen and secure financial base for urban growth
    • Bring complete reform in the system for better service deliveries
    • Good access to service for everybody
    • Declaration for Metropolitan Area for better townships
    • Create Urban Local Bodies in new eligible urban settlements
    • Develop Industrial Townships
    • Declare master plan for next 2-3 decades to ensure world-class towns and cities develop
    Besides above mentioned functions, the Urban Development Department of Jharkhand plays key roles in other areas related to fast urbanization and to provide best of infrastructure to the cities and semi-urban areas concerned.

    Urban Development Department
    Project Building, 4th Floor,
    Dhurwa, Ranchi-834004
    Email: secy@gmail.com
    Phone: +91 0651 – 2400962
    Fax: +91 0651 – 2400966
    Website: https://udhd.jharkhand.gov.in/

    Telecom Services in Jharkhand

    Information Technology has connected people all around the globe like never before. In Jharkhand too, people use mobile phones and internet facilities for communication. E-governance in Government departments has further simplified and hastened official work. BSNL(Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) is one of the biggest firms in Telecom Industry. Today, customers have a volley of choices such as wire line services, VSAT,GSM Mobile, Broadband etc. The main thrust areas according to National Telecom Policy Act,2012 are to increase rural teledensity, full mobile number portability, cloud computing and focus on consumers to ensure satisfaction.

    Telecom Services in Jharkhand
    Telecommunications in Jharkhand

    Soon after Jharkhand state was created the focus was on establishing its own telecommunication infrastructure . Today Jharkhand has its own telecommunication circle to function as special sector to cater to the required needs. By now the state has developed 337 telephone exchanges with the switching capacity of 3.52 lakhs. With 2.75 lakhs working telephone connections to function in the region its network has been expanding over the decades. Switching capacities in Ranchi, Hazaribagh and Giridih have been upgraded over the years. The state has established 6 internet nodes to operate under the Jharkhand Telecom Circle to facilitate best possible services to all district headquarters. Bharat Mobile Service is an important service in Jharkhand. The Jharkhand Telecom Circle has already launched extensive services through WLL or Wireless in Local Loop.

    Jharkhand state has encouraged many private service operators to make its telecommunication sector an organized one. It has been encouraging various private investors to ascertain speedy implementation of infrastructure in both urban and rural areas. Steps have already been taken to encourage various telecom companies to set up basic services in the newly established state. They operate cellular mobile services in the cities of Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad, Hazaribagh, Bokaro, Chas, Katras and Ramgarh.

    Jharkhand has strived for the establishment of Software Technology Park at state capital city of Ranchi. As block headquarters have already been well connected by headquarters through optical fibres it is believed that sooner Wireless in Local Loop (WLL) facility has been encouraged. The adoption of e-Governance system boosted Jharkhand’s telecom services.

    Department of Industries
    Government of Jharkhand
    Nepal House, Doranda
    Ranchi - 834002
    Phone: (+91) 0651 – 2491844
    Fax: (+91) 0651 – 2491884
    Email: jhr-doi@nic.in

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    Banking Services in Jharkhand

    Banks are economic backbones of every society throughout the world. India has tremendously progressed in this sector through promoting nationalized and private banks alike. The notable factors with the country is that almost every state has its regional banks for further empowerment of the region besides accommodating nationalized and private banks. Such scenario can be seen in the state of Jharkhand as well where most cities and even remote areas have presence of banks of one kind or the other. Such banks bring economic sustainability in the regions concerned and therefore prove helpful for the common masses to avail best of the banking services in their regions. Jharkhand’s regional banks have proved successful ventures as much as the national and private banks do in the region.In Jharkhand, there are 1500 branches of Scheduled Commercial banks, private banks and gramin banks. JGB(Jharkhand Gramin Bank), established in 2006, is functional in about 15 districts in Jharkhand and has around 224 branches. The state has branches of almost all major banks which are as follows:
    Banking Services in Jharkhand
    • State Bank of India
    • Bank of India
    • Oriental Bank of Commerce
    • Union Bank of India
    • ICICI Bank
    • Allahabad Bank
    • Axis Bank
    • Central Bank of India
    • Canara Bank
    • Yes Bank
    • HDFC Bank
    • Punjab National Bank
    • I&G Vyasa Bank
    • Punjab National Bank
    • Jharkhand Co-operative Bank
    • Jharkhand Gramin Bank
    • Kshetriya Vikas Gramin Bank

    IDRBT (Institute of Development and Research in Banking Technology) is working towards improvement technology, data mining, data warehousing, risk management, electronic payment systems, intrusion detection systems, training etc. for banks.

    Jharkhand Gramin Bank

    Established on 12 June 2006, the Jharkhand Gramin Bank (JGB) got sponsorship from Bank of India for its overall growth and promotion. This bank emerged into state’s banking scene once three erstwhile regional banks amalgamated to give it a new banking power in the region. The regional banks which merged to create JGB were Ranchi Kshetriya Gramin Bank, Hazaribag Kshetriya Gramin Bank, Giridih Kshetriya Gramin Bank and Singhbhum Kshetriya Gramin Bank whose merging brought powerful regional banking force into the state.

    JGB functions under Regional Rural Banks Act, 1976 ambit and ascertains constant development of rural economy. This bank provides many avenues for the development of agriculture, trade, commerce, industry and numerous other sectors in this region especially in rural areas. Notable services which this bank offers include credit facilities to small and marginal farmers to various types of agricultural laborers amongst others. Large chunk of artisans and small entrepreneurs are also benefited from this banking service.

    With headquarters in the capital city of Ranchi, JGB has established its branches in 15 districts out of the total 24 districts in this state. By now this bank has already established big network of 224 branches functioning under four Regional Offices in the state at Ranchi, Chaibasa, Gridih and Hazaribag to function in the entire state.

    Jharkhand Gramin Bank (JGB)
    Head Office: Rajendra Place
    5, Main Road, Ranchi – 834 001
    Telephone: +91 0651 - 2202120
    Fax: +91 0651 - 2330338
    Email: jgbho_ran@rediffmail.com
    Website: https://www.jharkhandgraminbank.com/

    Vananchal Gramin Bank

    Vananchal Gramin Bank (VGB) was founded in the state of Jharkhand in 2006 with headquarters in Dumka. This regional bank facilitates the cervices like credit cards, consumer banking service, corporate banking service, finance and insurance, investment banking, mortgage loans, private banking, private equity and wealth management amongst others. VGB was established as a rural bank to promote the rural areas through banking solutions under the provisions of Regional Rural Banks Act 1976. The State Bank of India sponsors this bank to empower the region through banking solutions. This bank was established through merging the erstwhile local banks Santhal Parganas Gramin Bank and Palamau Kshetriya Gramin Bank. The Central Government and the State Government of Jharkhand jointly owns this bank. By now this bank operates in the 9 districts of Jharkhand with headquarters in Dumka. It has four Regional Offices at Deoghar, Godda, Daltonganj and Garhwa and 203 branches in the nine districts.

    Vananchal Gramin Bank (VGB)
    Head Office: Municipality Chowk, Dangalpara,
    Phone: +91 06434 - 222401, 226289,
    Fax: +91 06434 - 222401/222742
    Email: vgbhodumka@gmail.com, vananchaldumka@rediffmail.com
    Website: https://www.vananchalgraminbank.com/

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    Emergency Services in Jharkhand

    Any emergency requires presence of mind, getting timely help, public awareness and training so that a disaster can be averted or at least taken care of properly by everybody present. This minimises loss of precious human lives and property. The establishment of Jharkhand state came with certain necessary planning that included the role of departments to facilitate easy service to citizens. Many emergency services departments have been established to ensure that inhabitants get all the required facilities on time. The services are mainly for public safety and healthcare and numerous other factors helpful at the time of various types of emergencies.

    Jharkhand Police

    The police department in Jharkhand can boast of well-trained, citizen friendly and modernised police force. They maintain peace in the society and safeguard the rights of people. They help to enforce laws and have earned the goodwill of people. For instance, the West Singhbhum district police has raised this slogan :''FOR YOU,WITH YOU - ALWAYS READY TO HELP''. Jharkhand Police maintains the law and order of the state. It works under proper hierarchy starting from the Inspector general (IG) reporting to the Chief Minister to the District Superintendent of Police (SP), officers and team of police at the ground level with the strong network maintained from top to bottom. As a law enforcement agency for Jharkhand state the state police plays pivotal role since the state was created in the year 2000. It plays many roles in the entire state through its strong network.

    Police Training College (PTC) is located in Hazaribagh town since 1912. State Forensic Science Laboratory (SFSL) is in Ranchi. Jharkhand Armed Police (JAP) has a mahila battalion too. Special Task Force (STF)has about 20 Assault Groups for getting rid of extremist activities in Jharkhand. It has been given the name ''Jharkhand Jaguar''.

    Jharkhand Police HeadQuarters
    Dhurwa, Ranchi - 834004,
    Jharkhand, India
    Phone: (+91) 0651 – 2400737, 2280799, 2400738(O)
    Email: dgp@jhpolice.gov.in
    Website: https://www.jhpolice.gov.in/

    Fire Services

    The fire at AMRI hospital or Park Street Heritage building in Kolkata emphasise on the need for good safety provisions in buildings, emergency services and educating public about safety. Jharkhand still follows Bihar Fire Services Act,1948. Section 86 of Bihar Re-organisation Act,2000 allows it to adopt neighbouring State's law till such time it frames its own law. Although there is Jharkhand Fire Services Act,2007, a Fire Prevention Act is needed to set parameters on fire safety in any building and also list punishments in cases of non compliance. The Jharkhand Fire Service Headquarter building was inaugurated in Doranda on June 17,2009 by Governor Shri Syed Sibtey Razi. Further Jharkhand administration has taken keen initiative to start fire stations in almost all district headquarters. Fire service stations of Jharkhand are well-equipped through required equipment, machinery and manpower to make it possible to tackle the emergency situations and keep control over fires. People are advised to contact the nearby fire services team in case any emergency occur for better control over the situation.

    Director General of Police (Fire)
    Govt. of Jharkhand
    State Fire Service HQ
    Ranchi – 834 001 Jharkhand
    Office : +91 0651 – 2491668
    Mobile : +91 9472726839
    Fire Brigade Control Room, Ranchi : +91 0651 2283825/101
    Fire Station Audrey House : 2283825
    Fire Station-Dhurwa : 2409343
    Fire Station-Doranda : 2490706
    Fire Station -Piska More : 2511214
    State Fire Officer : 9131104440,2284238
    City Control Room : 100,2316855

    Medical Services in Jharkhand

    Emergency medical service refers to ambulance and medical staff which is trained and equipped to deal with medical emergencies. These emergency services are either provided by government or by private agencies. Jharkhand government is doing its best to provide quality health care services even in remote villages. Health and Family Welfare Department has launched programmes like ''Jannani suraksha'' and ''Mamta vahan'' for pregnant mothers and new born babies. Establishment of trauma centres at three medical colleges, national surveillance programme for communicable diseases and establishment of State Council of Indian medicine and homeopathy and a separate one for Unani, Ayurveda and Homeopathy are in the anvil. Jharkhand state provides a safe and peaceful environment for all round development of an individual.

    Jharkhand state has several prominent hospitals that cater to the healthcare needs of inhabitants as well as people from neighboring states. These hospitals and institutes have been established with all possible resources to cater to the desired medical and healthcare needs of the masses. They are equipped with all the latest medical care technologies and serve the masses in the time of need.

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    Blood Banks in Jharkhand

    Blood banks are crucial in the time of emergency. Jharkhand has the distinction of having several blood banks equipped with all the facilities to provide blood of all groups required at any point of time. Keeping in view the needs of blood in different hospitals to save lives, many blood banks can be approached at the time of need. Here is the list of some of the famous blood banks in Jharkhand state.

    Indian Red Cross Society
    Address: Morabadi, Near D C Residence
    Ranchi - 834008
    Phone No: +(91)-651-2360290

    Nagarmal Modi Seva Sadan
    Address: Seva Sadan Road
    Upper Bazar, Ranchi - 834001
    Phone No: +(91)-651-2207406
    2209699, 2229700, 2209570

    Birsa Blood Bank
    Address: Bariatu, Near R I M S Colony
    Ranchi - 834009
    Phone No: +(91)-9431767302

    Archi Jharkhand Blood Bank
    Address: Nr Petrol Pump
    Bariatu, R I M S, Ranchi - 834009
    Phone No: +(91)-9334702147

    C C L Blood Bank
    Address: C C L Hospital, Kanke Road
    Gandhinagar, Ranchi - 834008
    Phone No: +(91)-9934386375
    Jharkhand Blood Bank
    Address: S. R. Complex , Near Bariatu Masjid
    Bariatu Road, Ranchi - 834009
    Phone No: +(91)-9973161687

    Jamshedpur Blood Bank
    Address: Stocky Road, Bistupur
    Near Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur - 831001
    Phone No: +(91)-657-2142514, 2431957

    MGM Blood Bank
    Address: Sakchi, Near Rajendra Nagar
    Jamshedpur - 831001
    Phone No: +(91)-657-2440844

    Indian Red Cross Society
    Address: M Road, Bistupur
    Near Kamani Centre, Jamshedpur - 831001
    Phone No: +(91)-9431303933, +(91)-657-2320306

    Sai Blood Bank
    Address: Plot No G C 18
    City Centre,Bokaro Sector-IV, Near Police Club
    Bokaro - 827004
    Phone No: +(91)-6542-233499

    Ambulance Services in Jharkhand

    Ambulance services are lifelines in any society. Jharkhand being an important state in the country with several fast growing urban establishments and huge rural base is equipped with several government owned and private ambulance services. The state is known for such services which are not only state-of-the-art facilities but also in other asspects. They offer timely and efficient service to the patients in distress. These services are round the clock hence offer best solutions in emergency. Below is the list of some of the notable ambulance services in the region.

    Indian Red Cross Society
    Address: Morabadi, Near D C Residence, Ranchi – 834008
    Phone No: +(91) – 651 – 2360290

    Santevita Hospital
    Address: 1, H.B Road New, Near Firayalal Chowk,
    Ranchi – 834001
    Phone No: +(91) – 651 – 3011111, +(91) – 9031009016

    Nagarmal Modi Seva Sadan
    Address: Seva Sadan Road, Upper Bazar,
    Ranchi – 834001
    Phone No: +(91) – 651 – 2207406, 2209699

    Sadar Hospital
    Address: Purulia Road, Main Road,
    Ranchi – 834001
    Phone No: +(91) – 651 – 2312618, 2317882

    R I M S Ambulance
    Address: Bariatu, Ranchi – 834009
    Phone No: +(91) – 651 – 2541228, + (91) – 9431701374

    Orchid Ambulance Services
    Address: C/O Orchid Medical Centre, H B Road New, Ranchi - 834001
    Phone No: +(91)-651-2219501

    Patliputra Nursing Home
    Address: Joraphatak Road, Dhanbad Ho, near Shakti Mandir, Dhanbad - 826001
    Phone No: +(91)-8578000052
    +(91)-326-2302848, 2306848
    Shanti Health Care Hospital
    Address: 157, Co Operative Colony, Bokaro Steel City H O, Bokaro - 827001
    Phone No: +(91)-6542-259575

    Raj Nursing Home
    Address: No.168 C, Corporative Colony, Bokaro Steel City H O, Bokaro - 827001
    Phone No: +(91)-6542-257622

    Address: Navjivan, Giridih, Giridih Ho, Giridih - 815301
    Phone No: +(91)-6532-222975

    Address: Redcross, Giridih, Giridih Ho, Giridih - 815301
    Phone No: +(91)-6532-226180

    Late Baijnath Lal Ambulance
    Address: Alkapuri Chowk, Giridih Ho, Giridih - 815301
    Phone No: +(91)-8092266899, 9570108296

    Sadar Hospital
    Address: Sadar Hospital, Giridih, Giridih Ho, Giridih - 815301
    Phone No: +(91)-9431160370

    Tata Main Ambulance Services
    Address: C/O Tata Main Hospital, Bistupur, Near United Club, Jamshedpur - 831001
    Phone No: +(91)-657-2224559

    Marwari Yuva Manch Ambulance Seva
    Address: Thakur Bari Road, Sakchi, Near Central Bank Of India, Jamshedpur - 831001
    Phone No: +(91)-9835132908, 9431303601

    Kumar Air Ambulence Service
    Address: M-26, Harmu Housing Colony, Ranchi - 834012
    Phone No: +(91)-9308582503

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    Disaster Management in Jharkhand

    Department of Disaster Management in Jharkhand in Ranchi is responsible to lay down various policies & plans besides suggesting guidelines to ensure that all types of disasters can be maintained at the right juncture. Its keen observation is that state must cope with the disasters through effective response to disasters that might come impromptu. Major operations of the Disaster Management Department include supports during earthquake, flooding, drought, landslide, chemical disaster, nuclear & radiological emergencies or biological disasters amongst others. This department remains active during droughts, mining accidents, chemical and industrial hazards, lightning, bird flu, floods, earthquakes, fire especially forest fire, elephant attacks, biodiversity losses and naxalism/landmine blasts amongst others.

    Disaster Management Department
    Ranchi, Jharkhand
    Phone: (+91) – 0651 – 2446923
    Fax: (+91) – 0651 – 2446923
    Email: cs.jharkhand@nic.in

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