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Music & Dance of Jharkhand


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Music & Dance of Jharkhand

Tribal DanceMusic washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. This stands true for music of Jharkhand State also which is tribal in nature. The most important aspect of music and dance of Jharkhand is that there  is group performance most of the times. The traditional musical instruments have a unique appearance.  The same stands true for dance steps which are aesthetic  and find origin from the age old tribal culture.


Various forms of music predominant in the state are Dohari, Domkach, Janani, Jhumar, Jhumta, Mardana, Daidhara, Pahil sanjha, Adhratiya and Vinsaria. Music serves the purpose not only for entertainment but also plays a pivotal role during festivals, puja and social functions.

Musical Instruments:

Traditional drumsKadri, Gupijantra, Sarangi, Tuila, Vyang, Anandlahri and bansuri are some musical instruments of this State. Domkach, Dohari, Daidhara, Mardana Jhumar,Janani Jhumar, Pahilsangha, Udasi, Vinsaria, Pawa, Adhratiya, Jhumta, Pratkali, Akhariya Domkach are also traditional   musical instruments of Jharkhand. The Jharkhand sarangi looks curved, has 3 main chords which weigh more than other chords in the instrument. It is played along with singa, bansuri and arbansi to give it that enthralling quality.Paika dance (''Paikas'' were conventional soldiers) is accompanied with music of Shahnai, Bheir, Narsingha and  the Dhak and Nagara drums.Instruments like Nagara, Jhanj, Mohuri, Turi, Dhol, Dhumsa, Bheri, Bansuri and conch shells are used in Chhaw.Karma is accompanied by folk music along with instruments such as Jhumki, Thumki, Challa and Payri.

Dance Forms:

SarhulThe dances of Jharkhand are not merely art forms for entertainment but they encompass the culture, traditions and folk lore of the State too. The ''Kunjbans'' of  Jharkhand have performed all over the globe including Europe, U.S., Asia and India. Chhaw, Paika (martial arts mixed with other dance steps), Natua, Agni, Nachni, Ghatwari, Jamda, Karma, Jadur are popular dance forms. Jhumar is a folk dance which is performed with accompaniment of traditional musical instruments, for instance, tribal drums (''medals'' and ''singas''). The main theme  of Jhumar is love and romance. Some other dance forms are Jaudra, Choukara, Bheja dance, Damkach, Janani Jhumar dance, Mardana Jhumar dance, Phagua dance, Sarhul dance, Santhal, Jamda, Matha, Sohrai and Lurisayr. In Chhaw dance, the dancers cover their faces with a mask. So, it is the body movements (not facial expressions, as in other classical dances) and head and neck movement  that is important. The plantation of Karma trees is done during Karma festival as they are believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Thereafter, the dancers get into a circle and with hands around each other's waist, they dance together passing  branches of the tree to each other, thus celebrating as a group. Two most important forms of Karma in Jharkhand State are Lahsua and Khare. This dance form is performed by Baigas and Gonds.

The air resonates with musical sounds during festivals and the scenic beauty of the State presents the perfect ambience for such festivity and cheerfulness.

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