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Fairs and Festivals of Jharkhand


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Fairs and Festivals of Jharkhand

Festivals and fairs in Jharkhand are colourful and are windows to know the socio-religious culture of tribal population in the state. A visit to these festivals and fairs will give first hand information about the life of people residing in Jharkhand. Tribals perform their rituals under sal trees. Such groves are located either in the village itself or in a nearby forest. They are known as ''Jaher'' or ''sarna sthal''. Tribal people get together in such a  sacred grove and perform ceremonies.

Festivals like Eid-ul-fitr, Eid-ul-Zuha, Christmas, Chhath Puja, Holi, Dussehra and Diwali are celebrated just like in other states of India. Some festivals like Sarhul, Karam,Jawa, Tusu Chhath PujaParab or Makar, Hal Punhya, Bhagta Parab, Rohini, Jani-Shikaar and Bandna  are very traditional festivals celebrated by people residing in  this state. Each festival has its own special significance.

SARHUL is celebrated during the Spring season. This is the time when flowers start blooming on saal trees. People worship their deity by offering saal flowers. ''Handia'' is served and the beat of traditional drums fill the air.

KARAM is celebrated by worshipping ''Karam devta'' who is the God of power and youthfulness. Everyone sings and dances in a group tapping their feet to the beats of traditional drums.

JAWA is celebrated by unmarried girls. They decorate baskets with germinating seeds and  offer green melons to  Karam deity. These  symbolise  fertility, a good harvest  of surplus grains and birth of a son.

Tusu Parab FestivalTUSU PARAB or MAKAR is a harvest festival. This festival  is celebrated by unmarried girls.

HAL PUNHYA  marks the beginning of ploughing. The farmers plough two and a half circles of their agricultural land. This is symbolic of bringing good fortune.

BHAGTA PARAB marks the worship of Budha Baba. Celebrations include ''chhau dance'' and traditional sports.

festival marks the beginning of sowing of seeds in the fields.

BANDNA festival is celebrated by cleaning and decorating animals such as cows and bulls. Natural colours are used for painting their bodies and  animals are decked up with ornaments.

JANI-SHIKAAR is a festival when the women dress up like men and go for hunting. According to a legend, the Kurukh women in Roh-tas-garh drove away the Mohemmedans who came to capture the fort while their men were drunk. This festival is celebrated every 12 years.

Fairs in Jharkakhand:

Most of the fairs are colourful cattle fairs. Some of the known fairs include :

  • Kunda mela in PratappurKundri Mela
  • Chatra mela organised during Durga puja
  • Lawalong mela which is the biggest cattle fair
  • Tutilawa mela in Simaria
  • Belgada mela in Simaria
  • Kundri mela in Chatra   
  • Kolhua mela in Hunterganj
  • Bhadli Mela in Itkhori celebrated on Makar Sankranti 


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