Entertainment and Nightlife in Jharkhand

When it comes to entertainment, there is no dearth of options in Jharkhand. From modern cinema halls to glitzy bars and pubs, this state boasts of having all the ingredients to keep its visitors engaged as well as entertained. With amazing tourist sites, adventure sports and other fun activities, it has something to offer to each of those, looking out for some entertainment and amusement. These entertainment avenues depict the extent of modernization, this state has undergone, in the recent years and have contributed in making it one of the most rapidly developing and happening hotspots in the country.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Jharkhand

Cinema in Jharkhand

Like their other Indian counterparts, the people of Jharkhand are movie buffs and movies form one of the prime sources of their entertainment. The movies made in Jharkhand called ‘Jollywood’ movies are entertaining, educative and advocate various relevant social messages. Film festivals are organised regularly to entertain the people. Bollywood movies, as well as movies of different regional languages are aired during the festivals, to bring about social awareness as well as develop interest in movies among the people here. A number of cinema halls can also be found in various cities, where people throng to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars in the latest flicks. Equipped with the perfect ambience, quality customer services, refreshments, seating arrangements, these cinema halls offer a pleasant experience to the movie watchers. Though multiplexes and big cinema halls are mainly found in the capital city of Ranchi, the cinema halls in other cities are equally crowded. After a long and tiring day, watching movies provide an entertaining and relaxing experience to the people here.

Popular Movie Halls in Jharkhand

Fun Cinemas
Address: Spring City Mall, Hinoo, Ranchi - 834002
Phone No: +(91)-8797008797
Website: www.funcinemas.com

Eylex Fun N Films
Address: Main Road, Hinoo, Opposite River View Restaurant, Ranchi - 834002
Phone No: +(91)-651-2253050, 2253051
Website: www.eylex.com

Glitz Cinemas
Address: Jd High Street Mall, Main Road, Ranchi - 834001
Phone No: +(91)-651-2330223
Website: www.glitzcinemas.com

Inox Cinemas
Address: The Ozone Galleriya Mall, Dhanbad Ho, Above Big Bazar, Dhanbad - 826001
Phone No: +(91)-326-2223555
Website: www.inoxmovies.com

Ray Talkies
Address: Bank Road, Dhanbad Ho, Dhanbad - 826001
Phone No: +(91)-326-2302366

Payal Cinema Hall
Address: Purulia Highway, Mango, Near Forest Department, Jamshedpur - 831012
Phone No: +(91)-657-2361120, 3295999

Star Talkies
Address: Kalimati Road, Tatanagar, Near Tatanagar Railway Station, Jamshedpur - 831002
Phone No: +(91)-9431113395

Eylex Fun N Films
Address: Central Plaza, 3rd Floor, Netaji Subhash Road, B Deoghar Ho, Big Bazar, Opposite Town Police Station, Deoghar-Jharkhand - 814112
Phone No: +(91)-6432-240531

Pandora 7D Theatre
Address: Shop No 8, Lower Ground, Eastern Mall, Circular Road, Lalpur, Near Dangratoli Chowk, Ranchi - 834001
Phone No: +(91)-651-2532540

Pali Plaza
Address: Bokaro Sector-IV, City Centre, Bokaro - 827004
Phone No: +(91)-9955459045

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Bars and Pubs in Jharkhand

Bars and Pubs in JharkhandThe increasing influence of Westernization can be felt in different cities of Jharkhand. A number of bars, pubs and discotheques can be seen mushrooming in various cities of this state. Nowadays, there is a trend for hosting bachelor parties at famous bars and pubs. The nightlife here is thus gaining a new zeal and vigour. Youngsters can be seen here, drinking, dancing and enjoying themselves till the wee hours.The best thing about various bars and pubs in Jharkhand is that they serve variety of choices to the visiting clients. With spacious patio and lounge they are perfect for hosting various parties and other extravaganza. Apart from unwinding and relaxation, these provide a platform for the younger generations to socialize, make new friends and meet their old friends as well. The vibrant and charming nightlife in Jharkhand is thus characterized by these bars and pubs that have become the identity of changing face of the state.

Top Famous Bars and Pubs in Jharkhand

Yellow Sapphire and Float
Address: Main Road, Beside Panjab Sweet House, Ranchi - 834001
Phone No: +(91)-9835539250

My Knox
Address: Alokapuri Complex, 2nd Floor, Lalpur, Ranchi - 834001
Phone No: +(91)-8809271709

60 M L
Address: C/O Yashwee International Hotel, 522, Straight Mile Road, Kasidih, Opposite Ramlila Maidan, Jamshedpur - 831001
Phone No: +(91)-9204330932, Phone No: +(91)-657-2431151, 2431152, 2437117, 2431133

Mehfil Bar
Address: Hans Regency Hotel, Bokaro Steel City H O, Bokaro - 827001
Phone No: +(91)-6542-240896, 240897, 240898

Address: Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Main Rd, Ranchi GPO, Ranchi - 834001
Phone No: +(91)-9234668620, 9334833236

Address: C/O Fortune Hotel Centre Point, 2, Inner Circle Road, Bistupur, Opposite Tata Memorial Hospital, Jamshedpur - 831001
Phone No: +(91)-657-3988444

Jazz The Bar
Address: Hotel Le Lac, Line Tank Road, Ranchi - 834001
Phone No: +(91)-651-2219511, 2219512, 2219513

Address: National Highway 32 Kasturba Nagar, Dhanbad Ho, Dhanbad - 826001

The Adda
Address: C/O The Sonnet, Inner Circle Road, Bistupur, Near Contractors Area, Jamshedpur - 831001
Phone No: +(91)-657-2226932

Peg The Bar
Address: Skylark Hotel, Dhanbad HO, Dhanbad - 826001
Phone No: +(91)-326-2305121, 2305384

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Popular Tourist Spots in Jharkhand

The state of Jharkhand, with its plethora of tourist destinations is truly considered to be a paradise for the tourists. With plenty of beautiful hills, forests, waterfalls, wildlife, and charming picnic spots, and other tourist sites, Jharkhand manages to enthral its visitors and keep them captivated by its unparalleled beauty and glory. From those seeking solace in the company of nature to the children, who wish to enjoy to their fullest, this state of Jharkhand has something to offer to each of its visitors. There are a number of tourist places, including historical places, spiritual places, heritage places, picnic spots, wildlife sanctuaries and scenic waterfalls which people visit regularly along with their families and friends and rejuvenate themselves

Sports in Jharkhand

Various forms of sports and physical activities form a major source of recreation for the people of Jharkhand. This state has produced many able and competent sportsmen, who have excelled in their fields and have brought laurels to our country. The people of Jharkhand enjoy watching various sports events, as much as they enjoy participating in them. There are a number of stadiums and sports complex in Jharkhand, where various national level matches are played in the presence of thousands of sports lovers, from Jharkhand. Keenan Stadium in Jamshedpur, Indira Gandhi Stadium in Dhanbad, JRD Tata Sports Complex in Jamshedpur are some of the famous sports stadiums in Jharkhand state. Apart from the regular sports, natives and those visiting Jharkhand love to indulge in a variety of adventure sports here. Its scenic beauty, topography, dense forests and other natural factors have contributed in making this state one of the most sought after destinations by the nature lovers, as well as those who love thrilling and fun filled adventure activities. Adventure Sports like canoeing, kayaking, water-skiing, paragliding, parasailing, hot air balloon, rock climbing, rafting, Aeromodelling, jungle safaris, paddleboat and mountaineering are gaining huge popularity among the people here.

Popular Fairs and Festivals in Jharkhand

India, being the ‘Land of Festivals’, truly provide an opportunity to experience the rich Indian culture at its best. Home to people belonging to different religions and varied tribal cultures, numerous fairs and festivals are celebrated in Jharkhand amidst great pomp and fanfare. Fairs like Chatra Mela, Kunda Mela, Kolhua Mela, Rabda Sharif, Bhadli Mela, Lawalong Mela, Tutilawa Mela and a variety of others are organised and celebrated here, with great ebullience and fervour. Tribal dances and songs fill people with vigour. Festivals are times when everyone comes together to rejoice and sing and dance together on the beats of traditional drums.For instance, 'pandaal hopping' during Durga puja and ''kanwarias'' going together in groups all the way to Deoghar are few occasions when such festive fervour can not only be felt but also seen. These festivals are a manifestation of the ‘Unity in Diversity’ of the people here. Apart from entertainment and socialising, you get to witness the rich and varied Indian culture and traditions during these exuberant celebrations and gatherings.

The state of Jharkhand thus offers umpteen number of entertainment options for its people. Cinema Halls for the movie buffs, bars and pubs for the party lovers, parks and recreational spots for kids, adventure sports for the sports lovers – you name it, you get to experience it here, in Jharkhand. These stunning entertainment options add to the irresistible charm of this beautiful state.

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