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Jharkhand Cuisine


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Jharkhand Cuisine

The cuisine of Jharkhand  is simple  but very aromatic and  the journey to this State is complete only if one tastes the real flavours of various dishes  prepared here. Bihari litti, pittha, suran chutney, and khichri are some exotic dishes of people of Jharkhand. Dishes prepared using rice are Kera-Dudhauri and Dhuska. Kera-Dudhauri  is prepared using milk, rice, ghee and gur while Dhuska is prepared using mashed rice and pulses. To prepare ''charpa'', Rice is mashed,  fried and then mixed with some spices. Flowers of  drum-stick, August and Jhirool too are used as vegetables. Shrubs or 'sags' like palak, gendheri, saranti,sunsunia, methi, bathua, sarson, chana and beng are commonly consumed.

Everyday  food consists of daal, ''bhaat'' or rice and ''phulka'' or roti which are relished with pickle or ''achar''. Some of these vegetables, mushrooms or 'sags' are dried and are prepared in the non-season period.  ''Maad jhor'' is prepared by boiling 'saag' in starch from cooked  rice. This dish can also be prepared using dried vegetables or 'sag'.

Handi drinkLocal  alcoholic drinks include rice beer or ''handia''. ''Handia'' is consumed by both males and females on festivals or happy family occasions like marriages. The fruits and flowers of mahua tree are used to prepare another type of liquor known as ''mahu''. Fruits like jackfruit, various varieties of mango, litchi and blackberry are found in abundance in Jharkhand. Fresh vegetables are available in the market. It will be interesting to know more  about some commonly prepared dishes of Jharkhand:

LittiBihari Litti:

It is prepared using wheat flour, 'sattu' and green chillies ground together. Separate dough balls are made. These litti balls are fried on medium heat and later baked. Bihari litti is one of the most famous dishes of Jharkhand State and is served with baigan bharta or alu bharta.

Til Barfi:

It is prepared using grated coconut, seasame seed, sugar and ground nuts.


Preparing this dish is easy. It is prepared by mixing rice with yellow lentils. Khichdi is served with yoghurt, coriander chutney, ghee, papad and achar.

Pua and Singal:

This dish is prepared using ripe bananas. It is sweet and relished by most people.

Mitha Khaja:

It is a sweet dish which is generally prepared during festivals. Plain flour is kneaded with jaggery water.Sweet 'khajas' are prepared by frying in oil. These are crispy and stay fresh for many days in air-tight containers.


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